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new opportunities for describing how humans feel

Original content creation, innovation, and creative entrepreneurialism are three of the most

sought after skills in the 21st century global marketplace. At Whitewater, we have numerous students who write music for their own enjoyment, and we have others who are looking to pursue songwriting more seriously. For 2023-2024, our songwriters club will focus on writing, editing, producing, and releasing original content on ROAR radio and providing opportunities within our community to celebrate their talents, originality, and creativity.

Singer Songwriter
Guitarist Writing Song


There is no formula to writing a song, but there are certain rules and norms within each genre that are adhered to. Whether your style is rock, pop, rap, theater, country, inspirational, or indie, our Songwriters Club will help you to leverage the rules so that your song is more likely to be heard and appreciated.


Having a commercial-grade recording of your work is one of the most essential tools for your songwriting, whether it is for personal enjoyment or full release. Think of it like your logo or your business card. Whitewater now has a recording studio using the PreSonus One 6 software, which rivals ProTools and other professional grade software. For more information on recording in our studio, or learning to engineer, contact

Recording Studio
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